1. Hulu

3 Streaming Services You Can Use on Your Nintendo Switch

The Hulu app is available for free, but you need a subscription to use the Disney-owned service, which allows you to watch thousands of movies and TV shows. You can add live TV and premium networks such as HBO and Starz for an additional fee.

The Hulu app for Nintendo Switch is only available in the US, which makes sense because Hulu does not provide services to any other regions. The cheapest Hulu plan costs $5.99 a month and has advertising support.

2. YouTube

3 Streaming Services You Can Use on Your Nintendo Switch

YouTube is the only completely free streaming app on the Nintendo Switch. If you have used YouTube on other smart TVs or consoles, you will be familiar with the application.

You can search for videos, explore your library, and interact with the community in the same way that you browse YouTube on your desktop. Unfortunately, one of the main things you can’t do is upload videos through the YouTube app or Nintendo’s video sharing feature.

3. Funimation

Currently, Funimation is the only animation streaming service available for the Nintendo Switch. You can download Funimation from eShops in the US and Canada, and you will receive it later in the UK, Ireland, Mexico, and other countries.

You need to have a Funimation Premium membership to stream. The cost is $ 5.99 / month or $ 59.99 / year. You can easily register on Nintendo Switch, so no other equipment is required. If you want to try Funimation Premium before paying, you can try it for free for 14 days.

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How to Download Streaming Apps on Nintendo Switch

To download any of these apps to your Nintendo Switch, go to the main screen of the console and open the Nintendo eShop (red shopping bag icon).

If you do not have an internet connection and/or a Nintendo account, you will be guided through the setup process. Both are required.

After entering, select Search from the left navigation menu. Select the application, and then select free download. This will take you to a screen called Confirm Items to Buy, but don’t worry, because this is just the generic name for this checkout page.

Press Free Download again, the application will be downloaded to your Nintendo Switch and will be available on the main screen when finished.

Can You Get Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Impossible. As of this writing, you cannot use Netflix on the Nintendo Switch. In fact, you can’t get a lot of popular streaming services on the Switch, because the console still lacks services like Disney +, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video.

In an interview with the The Washington Post in 2017, Reggie FilsAime, then president of Nintendo of America, stated that Nintendo made the Switch a “world-class gaming device.” He also said that Nintendo is negotiating with “Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other companies” and will support these streaming media applications in a “timely” manner.

Fast forward four years, and only one of the services mentioned by FilsAime is available on Nintendo Switch.

In other words, you can access these applications by installing Android on Nintendo Switch. This will invalidate your warranty and is only recommended for advanced users.

Play Great Nintendo Switch Games

As you can see, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a lot of streaming apps. Hopefully more will be available soon; If you have specific needs, it is worth emailing the streaming company to register your interest.

Until then, don’t get carried away by the tons of great games you can play on the Switch. After all, as FilsAime said, the Switch is primarily a gaming device.

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