Steps to Add Another Profile to Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo allows you to add up to eight unique user profiles on the Switch, which is sufficient for most families and groups of friends. Each configuration file can save its configuration and progress in the game.

How to Add Another Profile to Your Nintendo Switch

There are two ways to add a profile on your Switch—create a new user or import from a previous Switch console.

How to Set Up a Completely New User on Nintendo Switch

For first-time Switch users, here is how to create a profile from scratch. On your Switch home page, go to System Settings > Users. Then, select Add User > Create New User.

How to Add Another Profile to Your Nintendo Switch

Next, choose your user icon. You can also create your own. If you are not happy, you can always change your icon anytime.

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How to Add Another Profile to Your Nintendo Switch

Then, select your Character/Mii and Background Color. Lastly, type your preferred nickname.

How to Add Another Profile to Your Nintendo Switch

After that, it is best to set up your Nintendo account. If you change or lose your Switch, your Nintendo account will allow you to retain access to your personal data.

How to Import a User from Another Nintendo Switch Console

Should you have Nintendo account already in your previous console, here is how to get your profile to your new Switch. Go to System Settings > Users, and select Add User.

Next, select Import a User from Another Nintendo Switch Console. Then, confirm if you still have the console from where you would like to import your profile.

How to Add Another Profile to Your Nintendo Switch

If you still use the old console, select Yes and choose whether you plan to continue using it. This option will determine whether you want to delete data from the old device, including any Switch UI customizations.

Finally, link your Nintendo accounts so that you can import data from one account to another.

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If you can no longer access the old console, please select “No”. Then it will ask you if you want to link your Nintendo account to your original console. If so, please log in to your account.

After linking your Nintendo Account to the new profile, your Switch will download the settings and progress of your existing profile.

Or, if your original Switch account is not linked to your Nintendo Account, you must create a new user.

Transfer Users from One Switch to Another

If you carry the old switch with you and want to transfer your personal data on the new switch, you can do the same. However, this feature does not allow you to keep user information and saves the data in the original console.

To transfer your profile from one Switch to another, go to System Settings > Users > Transfer Your User. Take note that this will only work if the devices are near each other. While transferring, make sure that you have plugged your console in and it is charging to avoid data loss.

Keep Your Own Progress By Separating Profiles

If you are one of the lucky ones who does not need to share game consoles, then you are in luck. You can customize your Switch in many other ways to make it your own. However, if you share your Switch, you can still enjoy the small space created for you on the console.

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