How to Adjust Nintendo Switch Auto-Sleep Mode

Nintendo lets you adjust the sleep mode depending on the configuration of your Switch. To see the full options, go to Home > System Settings. Then, scroll down and select Sleep Mode. Here’s what each of the options means.

Auto-Sleep (Playing on Console Screen)

How to Adjust Nintendo Switch Auto-Sleep Mode

Designed for you to play Switch in handheld mode, the auto sleep feature will kick in after 1, 3, 5, 10, or 30 minutes. On the other hand, you can also choose to never, as long as you don’t turn it off, you will keep your switch on.

Among all the options, this is the most important setting for prolonging battery life. Therefore, although you can choose, choose the lowest setting that does not affect your gaming experience. Therefore, we do not recommend selecting the Never option.

Auto-Sleep (Playing on the TV Screen)

How to Adjust Nintendo Switch Auto-Sleep Mode

For the best auto sleep setting when playing on the TV screen, it largely depends on how your Switch is connected to the TV. You can set the auto sleep time to 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 hours. You can also decide to choose Never as an option.

The Nintendo-designed Switch Dock allows you to charge your device while playing TV. So if you use the Switch Dock to connect to the TV, any time range will work.

However, if you use an HDMI to USBC adapter to connect the switcher to your TV, it is best to keep this setting as low as possible. Since there is no official Nintendo HDMI to USBC adapter, there is no guarantee that it will charge safely while your device is in use.

Suspend Auto-Sleep While Playing Media Content

When playing media, this feature will prevent auto sleep from turning off the device. This option is relevant for users who use Switch to stream videos or music from applications such as YouTube or Hulu.

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Unlike the other options on this list, you cannot choose a time limit for this. You can only choose between “On” or “Off”. However, even if this option is disabled, remember that the automatic sleep function will automatically activate after four hours of playback.

Wake When AC Adapter is Disconnected

This option is not only a sleep function, when it is removed from the docking station, this option will automatically wake up your Switch. You can choose to enable or disable this option. It is best to enable this feature when you spend more time playing games on your handheld or desktop than on the TV.

Give Your Switch a Rest

Since the Nintendo Switch uses lithium-ion batteries, you will not risk overcharging. With this, it is important to keep the battery healthy and always leave a little charge when not in use. Fortunately, the Switch allows you to customize the automatic sleep settings in a variety of ways.

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Although we all like our games, life will pass. By changing the sleep mode setting, you can reduce the chance of letting the Switch completely discharge for too long. Then once you’re ready to play again, you can easily pick it up.