Check Play Time Across All Titles on One Switch Console

The “All Software” screen shows the most basic information from the entire game library. You can access this screen by scrolling to the right of all the game icons on the home screen.

Switch lists all physical and digital games you have played, as long as you have not deleted them. You can sort the list by the longest total playing time to quickly display the games you have played the most:

How to Check Your Play Time on Nintendo Switch Games

Note that these are the total playing time of all user profiles on a single Nintendo Switch console. If you share games on multiple profiles or play games on multiple consoles, they don’t provide a complete picture.

Check Your Most Played Switch Games by Profile

To see the playing time of a single profile, check their profile page. Under the game activity, you will see the 20 most recently played games and approximate viewing time. The time is in the format of playing n hours or more, where Nintendo rounds “n” to the nearest five hours of playing time, and the nearest five hours later.

How to Check Your Play Time on Nintendo Switch Games

To see playing time out of the top 20 games you recently played, simply open the game and go back to your profile. Don’t waste time off this list; Switch just doesn’t show them.

Note that in the first ten days of the game, the Switch will not display the time. If you want to check the game time as soon as possible, open the game immediately after downloading it. This ensures that the information will be available as soon as possible, even if the game remains on your to-do list for a while.

All play times displayed on this screen are specific to your profile. The total includes the time you spent playing the same game on another Nintendo Switch with the same profile.

Keeping Your Switch Play Times Private

If you don’t want others to see what games you’re playing, you must turn off their visibility. There are two different options to check within the Switch privacy settings.

To hide play times, start by going to User Settings from your main profile page. Then, select Play Activity Settings and ensure Who do you want to see your play activity? is set to No one.

How to Check Your Play Time on Nintendo Switch Games

To make sure that you’re not displaying the game that you’re currently playing, to anyone else, select Friend Settings from the previous User Settings page. Then, set Who do you want to see your online status? to No one.

Get More Detailed Information Via the Parental Controls App

The playing time data displayed by the above method is far from complete. If you are looking for more information, consider using Nintendo’s Parental Controls app. This is a tool for parents to control their children’s playtime, but nothing prevents someone from using it to see the details of their own game.

The application provides more detailed information, including playing time with an accuracy of five minutes. It also shows which games you played on a specific date and a summary of activity for the last month. If you are interested, the app will also report the time spent on the main menu or other system screens!

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Keeping an Eye on Your Nintendo Switch Gaming

Although Nintendo Switch only provides the fewest details, finding out which games you have played the most is a simple process.

Information about the time spent playing games on the console and the time spent on each user profile. If you need to restrict usage, the parenting app provides more detailed information and controls.