What You’ll Need to Connect a Switch to Your TV

Each Nintendo Switch to TV connection has four parts: Switch, Cradle, HDMI Cable, and Controller. This is how they work.

1. Nintendo Switch

The main Nintendo Switch device works as a portable gaming device independent of the TV connection. However, many Switch users connect it to a TV when multiple people are playing games together, or simply prefer a larger screen.

2. Dock

The Nintendo Switch base is used as a connector for the charger and HDMI cable. Since the HDMI cable is only an output channel, the Nintendo Switch base must still be connected to an AC power outlet to work.

Although Nintendo sells official docks for Switch users, some third-party docks work similarly but are cheaper. However, we do not recommend this because there are many reported damage cases that will invalidate your Switch’s warranty.

3. HDMI Cable

HDMI cable is used to connect the Nintendo Switch dock to the TV. Stream video and sound to your TV. Instead of the official Nintendo Switch cable, the third-party HDMI can also work in emergency situations. It is best to use the official Nintendo HDMI cable that came with the device at the time of purchase.

4. Controllers

How to Connect a Nintendo Switch to Your TV

After docking, we can use the controller to operate the Nintendo Switch remotely. For each Nintendo Switch, you can pair up to eight controllers at a time. Different controllers have their limitations, but you can mix and match wired and wireless controllers.

Steps to Connect a Nintendo Switch to Your TV

If you have all the parts listed above, here are all the steps you need to complete in order to connect your Nintendo Switch to Your TV.

1. Open the back cover of your dock

How to Connect a Nintendo Switch to Your TV

On the back of its base, there is a hinged cover. Once you turn it on, there will be three ports; AC adapter, USB and HDMI output.

2. Plug in your AC Adapter

At the top of the back of the base, you will find the AC adapter port. Connect the AC adapter to a wall outlet or extension cord. Test whether your plug is working properly before proceeding to the next step.

3. Attach Your HDMI Cable

At the lowest part of the back of the docking station, connect the HDMI cable. Then connect the other end to the HDMI port of the TV. Most Switch docking stations can be used with any standard HDMI cable.

4. Put Your Nintendo Switch in the Dock

How to Connect a Nintendo Switch to Your TV

Put your Switch on the charging slot by lining it up with the connector inside the dock.

5. Remove Your Nintendo Switch Controllers

If you plan to use the same controllers for your gaming, remove the Joy-Cons from the sides of the Switch while it is on the dock. When left connected, Joy-Cons will continue to charge until full.

6. Set Your TV

Set your TV to the right HDMI channel. To test if you connected to the right channel, you can check the HDMI port number on the back of the TV or scan channels when the Switch is awake.

7. Start Playing

After successfully connecting the Nintendo Switch to the TV, you can activate the switch by pressing any button on the paired controller.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch Without a Dock

If you suspect there is a problem with your Switch docking station, or you don’t want to carry the docking station when you travel, there is another way to connect it to your TV. You can use the HDMI cable connected to the USB-C converter. With this, you can connect the TV directly to the switch without using a docking station.

Can You Connect a Switch Lite to Your TV?

The option to connect the Switch to the TV is only available for standard Nintendo Switch models. Due to different hardware specifications, you cannot connect the Switch Lite to the TV because it does not include a compatible port or it has no video output.

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Tips to Using a Nintendo Switch With Your TV

There are many reasons why you should buy a Nintendo Switch. Once you bite the bullet, here are some quick tips to make the most of the Nintendo Switch when connecting to the TV.

Utilize the Nintendo USB Port for Faster Internet

Many people don’t realize what the USB port on the back of the Nintendo Switch base is for. Because it complies with USB 2.0, the port behind the hinge is suitable for various devices. For example, if you want faster Internet speed, you can use a LAN adapter to connect the switch to the LAN connection.

Buy More Controllers

Each player can use two JoyCon controllers, up to four players (or eight separate controllers).

The JoyCon controller is counted as a pair even if it is used with the handle accessory. Limit the USB controller (wired) to the two USB sockets on the switch base.

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Make Your Controller Battery Last Longer

There is nothing more annoying than losing a multiplayer game because the controller is out of power. According to Nintendo, they should last up to 20 hours when fully charged. However, many of us often forget to charge them, especially when they are an additional controller that is occasionally connected to our portable Switch.

To extend the life of the battery, you can choose to disable vibration. Go to System Settings> Controllers and Sensors. Under Controller Vibration, select Close. In addition to a slight improvement in battery life, it can also help gamers who are feeling uncomfortable.

The switch controller uses lithium batteries to prevent overcharging. In fact, these types of batteries will stop working when they have not been charged for a long time.

USB-C Adapters

It is currently not possible to connect wirelessly or project the Nintendo Switch screen to the TV. However, you can still use the USB-C to HDMI adapter to connect the Switch to the TV anytime, anywhere.

Get the Most Out of Your Switch

Although there are many other game consoles on the market, the Nintendo Switch stands out for its rich library, portability, and ease of use. It has the ability to connect to a television and is a versatile console, very suitable for playing games on the go or with a large group of friends.

To get the most out of your Switch, you can use various accessories to enhance your gaming experience. From high-end controllers to LAN adapters, there are many ways to make your Switch party memorable.