Why Deactivate HD Rumble?

One of the main reasons people don’t like high-definition noise is because it is not standard for all games. Therefore, while the vibration function can be a cool additional feature that can enhance the experience of a game, it can also be another distracting feature.

We know the strong resonance of several games in key battles. In addition, users of aftermarket controllers have reported problems with their gyroscope sensors in games with active vibrations.

For users who want to extend the playback time of Switch portable devices, disabling HD Rumble can extend battery life.

How to Disable HD Rumble on Nintendo Switch

HD Rumble can cause excessive stimulation and deter users with sensory issues. For Switch users who like to relax by playing games before going to bed, HD Rumble can make it a stressful rather than relaxing experience.

Finally, Switch users who share a bed with their loved ones may find that constant noise can make them feel uncomfortable while sleeping. When you feel the vibration on the other side of the bed, it may be difficult to try to fall asleep.

Steps to Deactivate HD Rumble

Although some games allow adjustments in the game settings, not all games allow it. Here’s how to turn off HD noise for all Nintendo Switch games.

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To turn off the vibration feature of the Nintendo Switch, go to its home page. Then select System Settings> Controllers and Sensors. Then select Controller Shake and select Off to disable HD shake.

If you decide to resume HD Rumble, just repeat the steps above.

A Rumble-Free Gaming Experience

How to Disable HD Rumble on Nintendo Switch

Although HD Rumble is definitely a feature worth having, it is not necessarily worth using in every game every day.

If you start to feel that it is no longer helpful to you, but will interrupt your experience on the Switch, please go to your settings for a noise-free gaming experience.

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