The future is here. Finally, you can use voice commands to control your electronic devices like we did on the set of “Star Trek.” Of course, this includes your Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S device.

If you want to learn how to magically download Game Pass games on Xbox using just your voice and Amazon Alexa devices, read on.

Connecting Your Xbox to Alexa

The first step to becoming a future wizard who can install software with your voice is to become familiar with your Xbox and Alexa. To do this, you need to make sure that the correct settings are enabled on the Xbox device.

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Open Xbox, navigate to the settings menu, go to General > Power mode & startup, and select Instant-on from the Power mode drop-down menu. Now go back to the main settings menu.

From the main menu, click Devices & connections > Digital assistants, and click the check box labeled Enable digital assistants. Your Xbox is now ready to start working with Alexa.

How to Download Xbox Game Pass Games Using Alexa

To complete the setup, we also need to prepare your Alexa device for work. Open the Alexa app on the phone used to configure the device. Tap “More” and then “Skills & Games.” Then click the search symbol in the upper right corner, type Xbox, and press Enter.

In the list of skills that appears, click the one labeled Xbox, and then click Enable Skill. It will then ask you to sign in to your Xbox account. Make sure to sign in with an Xbox account with a valid Game Pass subscription. After signing in, your Alexa app should search for compatible Xbox devices.

Select the Xbox and Alexa devices you want to link and click Return to XBOX to complete the process.

Installing Xbox Game Pass Games with Alexa

How to Download Xbox Game Pass Games Using Alexa

Now you can install the game using voice commands. After activating skills and setting up your Xbox, it’s as easy as knowing the correct voice command. The command in question has the following format:

“[Trigger word], install [game name] from Xbox Game Pass”.

So if your wake word is computer and the game you installed is Sea of ​​Thieves, it will say, “Computer, install Sea of ​​Thieves from Xbox Game Pass”.

Your Xbox should start installing the game you requested immediately, even if it is closed at this time. This is helpful if you are doing other things when you think of the game you want to play.

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As long as you have Alexa enabled on your portable device, this should work even if you are not at home. Just click on the Alexa symbol in the Alexa app and use the commands listed above. When you get home, you should find the game installed.

Now You Can How to Download Xbox Game Pass Games Using Alexa

With it, you can now easily download Game Pass games by voice. This guide should provide you with all the information you need to connect Xbox and Alexa devices and work together.