Many gamers know this strange feeling when they seem unable to fall asleep at the end of a long Switch game session.Sometimes, defeating a tough boss can make a person’s adrenaline soar. Other times, it may be due to excessive exposure to blue light. Fortunately, Nintendo saved the day through dark mode.

What Is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a display setting that uses light text on a dark background. In dark mode, your console will emit less light and at the same time allows you to read the text comfortably.

Besides being beautiful, the dark mode can also reduce the blue light emitted by the light background. Some studies have shown that blue light can make it difficult for users to fall asleep after prolonged exposure.

Is very suitable for low light environments. Dark mode is best for players who use the Switch at odd hours at night. Dark mode also helps to extend the battery life of the Switch.

A screen with a brighter background consumes more power, so switching to a darker background will gradually reduce the playing time of portable game consoles such as Switch.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode on Nintendo Switch

The Switch does not have a clear function to describe the dark mode. However, you can choose the overall color scheme of the Switch interface between black or white.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Nintendo Switch

To switch the Switch to dark mode, open the home page of the console and select System Settings. Then scroll down and select a topic. Finally, choose basic black.

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If you find that you prefer a lighter background and want to undo the dark mode, you can choose basic white instead.

Make Use of the Switch Dark Mode

Whether it’s for personal preference or to save power, keeping the Switch in dark mode has many benefits. Not only can you avoid visual discomfort, you can also play more games for a longer time on the Switch.

However, if you prefer the lighter version of the Switch interface, you may benefit from docking the console to the TV. With it, your eye strain problem will be reduced and you won’t have to worry about running out of battery when gaming.