How to Rotate Your Screen in Windows 10 Using Hotkeys

If you hold down the CTRL and ALT keys, and then press the arrow keys on your keyboard, your screen may rotate in that direction. We say “maybe” because it may not run on computers with multiple monitors or incompatible graphics drivers.

However, you can quickly test whether your computer has this function by holding down CTRL + ALT + up arrow. This should again flip your computer screen in the correct way.

If this works, great! Your computer supports screen rotation hotkeys. Therefore, please write down these shortcuts for future reference:

  • CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow: Rotates the screen the right-way up (landscape)
  • CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow: Rotates the screen 90 degrees counter-clockwise (portrait)
  • CTRL + ALT + Right Arrow: Rotates the screen 90 degrees clockwise (portrait-flipped)
  • CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow: Rotates the screen upside-down (landscape-flipped)

How to Rotate Your Screen in Windows 10 Without Hotkeys

On the other hand, if the hotkey above doesn’t work, there is another way to fix it. It involves using the screen, so you may need to rotate the monitor or tilt your head while performing these steps.

First, right-click on your desktop and select Display Settings. Scroll down until you see a category called “Viewing Direction.” Click the drop-down box under this category and select Landscape. Then the screen should rotate back to normal.

How to Fix an Upside Down Screen in Windows 10

You’ll notice that you can select four options from this drop-down list, each of which has the same name as the hotkey we mentioned earlier. So if you want to change the screen orientation but the hotkey doesn’t work, you can go back to this screen and adjust it to your liking.

Learning Your Display Shortcuts With Windows 10

If your cat jumps onto the keyboard and your screen suddenly spins in the wrong direction, don’t panic. By using a simple hotkey, you can go back to normal again.

When we discussed this topic, did you know that you can also use keyboard shortcuts to shut down or put your computer to sleep?