1. Check Your Antivirus Program

Although it is the savior of all Windows computers, it is well known that antivirus programs can sometimes cause problems with the execution of other programs. To make sure this is not the case with your camera application, please check your antivirus settings and see if it is blocking the camera.

Even if everything in the settings has been cleared, to ensure that your antivirus software is not causing problems, please temporarily disable it, and then check your camera again.

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2. Turn On the Camera App

Often, the 0xa00f4244 no camera attached error code is caused when the Windows Camera app is turned off. To ensure that this is not the case in your situation, press Windows Key + I to open the Settings, then select Privacy.

Now, click on Camera, and toggle it On if it is set as Off.

How to Fix the No Camera Attached 0xa00f4244 Error Code in Windows 10

If this was indeed the cause of error code 0xa00f4244, it will be resolved by following the above steps.

3. Scan for Malware & Viruses

Virus and malware attacks do not help Windows computers to function properly. By the way, it is well known that they cause problems with device drivers, so scanning your PC for such vulnerabilities may not be a bad idea.

To do this, scan your system through Windows Defender Windows Defender is a free Windows malware and virus removal tool.

Go to Settings > Update & Security. From there, click on Windows Security > Virus & threat protection.

How to Fix the No Camera Attached 0xa00f4244 Error Code in Windows 10

Now, click on Scan options, choose Windows Defender Offline scan, and hit Scan now.

Windows 10 will restart and scan. Open Windows Defender in the same way to verify the report. If there is a problem, you will see it there.

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4. Check the Camera Driver

If the above method has not worked so far, now you need to check the device driver of the camera.

Remember that device drivers allow your computer hardware to communicate with your software. Therefore, if there is a problem with your camera driver, it may be the cause of the error 0xa00f4244 no camera attached.

Follow the steps below to check the camera driver in Windows 10.

  1. Open the Device Manager App from the search bar.
  2. Find the Cameras icon.
  3. Right-click your device’s Camera and click on Update Driver.
  4. Then, select Search automatically for driver.
How to Fix the No Camera Attached 0xa00f4244 Error Code in Windows 10

The Device Manager will then search for the most updated driver available on your computer.

5. Reset the Camera App

If none of the above solutions worked so far, try this. Sometimes a problem or change in the camera app over a period of time will eventually cause the 0xa00f4244 camera attached error.

Simply by resetting your camera settings, your camera will be restored to its original state before modification. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Click on Settings > Apps > Apps & Features.

2. Then, click on the Camera > Advanced Settings.

3. Now, click on the Reset button to reset your Camera app.

This will result in a complete reset of all changes done to your camera settings.

6. Reinstall Camera Driver

If the camera driver is the reason of 0xa00f4244 camera attached error, then deleting and reinstalling it should be sufficient.

To do this, press the Windows key + R, type devmgmt.msc, and press Enter. In the Device Manager, expand the camera section and click Uninstall Device.

After removing the driver, restart the PC. At the next startup, open Device Manager and click “Scan for hardware changes” to install the driver again.

If your camera driver corruption is indeed the cause of the 0xa00f4244 no camera attached error on your PC, then this method will work.

7. Reset Your PC

If you have tried all the above techniques to avoid the 0xa00f4244 no camera attached error and they all fail, then you can throw one last ace for each Windows problem-Windows restart.

After restarting Windows 10, you can decide to keep all files or delete them to start over. To get started, go to the Windows search bar and type reset this PC.

Then, click the Reset this PC option. In the next window, click Start.

Then, you will have two options to choose from. If you are looking for a new start, you can choose to keep my files or choose to delete all.

On the next screen, you must choose how to reinstall Windows: via the cloud or via local reinstallation. The cloud option downloads a new version of Windows 10, while the local version uses the Windows 10 image already stored on your device.

Note that if you are using a laptop, make sure it is connected to the charger. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue with the reset.

Choose one and click Next to proceed with the reset. It may take a while to configure your PC to restart. After that, click on “Reset” to finally start the process.

Windows 10 0xa00f4244 no camera attached Error Solved

The Windows 10 camera application is an essential communication utility, especially in the post-Covid world, which makes working at home a norm rather than a one-time affair.

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