What Is the Series X Controller Issue?

Obviously, quite a few Xbox Series X users are experiencing connection problems.

According to users on the Microsoft Help Forum and user feedback on the Internet, Xbox Series X Controllers will suddenly and randomly disconnect when connected wirelessly.

Microsoft is aware of this problem and is developing a fix that will be released in a future update. So what can you do while waiting for the update?

1. Try Backward-Compatibility

Xbox Series X Controller Keeps Disconnecting? How to Fix It

Did you know that you can connect an Xbox One controller to Xbox Series X? Due to backward compatibility, Xbox One controllers work almost exactly the same as X-series controllers.

Currently, we don’t know whether the problem lies with the controller itself or the series console. X. But you can easily find out.

If your X-series controller is disconnected and you have an Xbox One controller, grab it and connect it to your X-series console.

If you are connected and can play, you can continue playing. And if the connection problem is unique to the Xbox Series X controller, then the Xbox One controller should work without a problem.

This way, you can continue the game while you wait for the Microsoft X Series driver to update.

2. Reset and Re-Sync Your Series X Control Pad

Xbox Series X Controller Keeps Disconnecting? How to Fix It

A possible solution to the connection problem is to reset the Xbox Series X control board.

You do not need to be connected to the console for this purpose, so if your pad and console lose connection, this is a way to resynchronize the two.

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To turn off the Series X controller, you just need to press and hold the Xbox button in the center of the control panel for 56 seconds. After this operation is successful, you will see that the button no longer lights up.

You can then reopen it in the same way to see if the connection problem can be solved.

3. Use a Wired Connection

Xbox Series X Controller Keeps Disconnecting? How to Fix It

On the top of the Xbox Series X controller, you will notice that it has a USBC power port. You can use it to try to solve any disconnection issues.

This process couldn’t be easier; just use the official connection cable that came with the Xbox and connect the two together.

You can plug the USBC cable into any USB port on the front and back of the console (probably the front port is the easiest to access).

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The physical connection of the handle and the console will immediately solve the wireless connection problem. Once the two devices are communicating again, you can remove the wired connection and check if your controller works wirelessly again.

Otherwise, you can stay connected at any time if convenient.

4. Hard Restart Your Xbox Series X Console

If all other methods fail, you can always apply the golden rule of IT experts…Try turning it off and then on again.

Obviously, this is an operation you only want to perform as a last resort. Especially if you are playing a game and haven’t saved it recently. Try all the other steps here first, otherwise you may lose your game progress.

If you need to restart the X series, please do it through the console itself, because your Pad and Xbox are not connected.

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To perform a hard reset, you must press and hold the power button on the front of the console (the Xbox logo button above the optical drive). The important thing is that you don’t just touch the buttons, because this will only put the console to sleep without resetting anything.

After turning off the console, just press the power button again to start it. If you have done this correctly, the console should be initialized with the logo screen before loading your board.

You Can Now Start Gaming Again (Hopefully)

When Microsoft updates your driver, you can use the following simple solutions.

Since we don’t know when it will arrive, we recommend taking advantage of the excellent backward compatibility that the X series has and using its Xbox One controller for gaming, which means you can play games without interruption.