A GPU is found in many computers. These systems may or may not be designed for gaming, but they will nonetheless include a GPU for the enhanced performance it provides.

When a GPU is required, it is utilized. For gaming or other graphics-intensive tasks, it isn’t the default or go-to hardware component. If you have an Nvidia GPU, you’re probably familiar with the PhysX technology.

How to set PhysX Configuration in Nvidia Control Panel on Windows 10

What is PhysX?

Nvidia created PhysX to transfer intensive processing operations from a CPU to a GPU. What kind of processing does PhysX take care of? It takes care of things like action and rendering in 3D physical settings, such as rain in a game and how it interacts with the game’s components.

In order for a game to have hyper-realistic rain, the CPU must calculate how often a raindrop falls, where it falls, and how each one affects the environment. This type of stuff necessitates a lot of work, which may be offloaded to the GPU using PhysX.

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Benefits of PhysX

If you utilize PhysX to offload tasks to the GPU in general;

  • Your games will perform more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Your games will be more appealing.

If you think that all games use the GPU, you’re wrong. They do, but only for rendering screens. Certain functions that are now handled by the CPU can now be handled by the GPU thanks to PhysX.

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Set PhysX Configuration

The Nvidia Control Panel program is used to configure PhysX. This software will be installed on your machine if you have an Nvidia GPU. If you don’t have it yet, you can get it through the Microsoft Store.

By default, PhysX is set to the CPU or Auto, which implies that duties that can be passed to the GPU aren’t being passed to the GPU, or the game is deciding when it needs to pass the jobs off rather than the default.

  1. Right-click an empty area on the desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel.
  2. Go to the 3D Settings tab.
  3. Open the dropdown and select your Nvidia GPU chip.
  4. Double-click the value for OpenGL rendering GPU and select your Nvidia GPU chip.
  5. Click Apply.

How to set PhysX Configuration in Nvidia Control Panel on Windows 10

  1. Go to the Set PhysX Configuration tab.
  2. Open the Set a PhysX processor dropdown.
  3. Select GPU.
  4. Apply the change.
  5. This will set PhysX to use the GPU instead of the CPU.

How to set PhysX Configuration in Nvidia Control Panel on Windows 10

PhysX: GPU or CPU

PhysX can be configured to use the GPU or the CPU, or it can select what to perform per-app, like the auto setting does. The question is: which one is preferable?

If you’re unsure, utilize the auto setting, although changing it to use the GPU rather than the CPU is generally a good choice. Regardless matter how fast or new your CPU is, you should do this.

There will be exceptions to this rule. You will normally receive better game performance with PhysX enabled to use the GPU, but there will be moments when a game does not run as well. Set PhysX to auto or utilize the CPU instead if you have a stuttering game.