What Is Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode, or airplane mode in certain areas, is a feature that prevents all wireless communications from working. Most modern electronic devices have a flight mode, so they will not interfere with the aircraft’s communication system.

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Nintendo Switch uses WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC to connect. Although these will all turn off automatically in flight or airplane mode, if you absolutely need them, you can turn them back on individually.

How to Set Nintendo Switch on Airplane Mode

To enable airplane mode on your Switch, go to System Settings > Airplane / Flight Mode and select On to activate it. Alternatively, you can also use the Quick Settings by pressing the Home button for at least one second. Next, select Airplane / Flight Mode and choose On to activate it.

How to Set the Nintendo Switch to Airplane Mode

Should you want to use NFC-enabled Switch accessories while on airplane mode, go to System Settings > Airplane Mode / Flight Mode. Then, go to find NFC and select On.

If you plan to use your Switch in tabletop mode, you need to enable Bluetooth communication to operate the Joy-Con. To do so, go to System Settings > Airplane Mode / Flight Mode > Controller Connection (Bluetooth). Then, enable Bluetooth communication to use your Joy-Con.

Make the Best Out of Airplane Mode

Using airplane mode, you can play the game without endangering anyone. Fortunately, even without the Internet, you can still enjoy an amazing number of games.
In addition to flying, Switch users also use airplane mode to do other things. For example, to prevent your friends from knowing that you are online or to save battery life.