Why Do You Need an External Drive for PS5?

The PS5’s built-in SSD is very fast, but considering the space most PS5 games take up, its 825GB capacity is very small.

In fact, after installing the necessary software updates, the actual storage capacity of the PS5 is approximately 667 GB.

For example, the size of “Ricky and Clank: Rift” is 33 GB. The standard PS5 version of the Final Fantasy VII remake is 85.4 GB, while “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” comes in at 133 GB.

After installing some games, the storage space on your PS5 console will fill up quickly.

PS5 System Update

The new update of the PS5 system allows you to transfer PS5 and PS4 games to external USB, USBC or portable SSD hard drives.

Although you can now store PS5 games externally on a USB drive, you will not be able to play these games unless you put them back on the PS5 internal drive.

On the other hand, you can play PS4 games directly from an external storage device, allowing you to free up more space on the PS5 console.

USB Storage Requirements for PS5

If you want to use a USB drive as expansion storage for PS5, your external USB must meet the following requirements:

  • 250GB minimum capacity and 8 TB maximum capacity
  • SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps or later
  • You cannot connect two or more USB drives at the same time
  • You cannot use a USB hub

You should note that Sony can’t guarantee that all USB devices are going to work.

If you try to use a USB drive as an unsupported USB expansion storage, the above notification will be generated.

How to Format a USB Drive to USB Extended Storage

Players must format their external USB drive before transferring any games to it. Formatting the USB drive will erase all existing saved data.

The USB drive previously used as USB extended storage on PS4 does not need to be reformatted.

How to Store PS5 Games on an External USB Drive
  1. Connect your external USB drive to a USB port on your PS5 console
  2. Navigate to Settings > Storage
  3. Select USB Extended Storage Format as USB Extended Storage

PS5 owners who have multiple USB drives connected to their console can select which USB drive they want to format by choosing the Select Another USB Drive option.

How to Store PS5 Games on an External USB Drive

How to Store PS5 Games on an External USB Drive
  1. Navigate to Settings Storage
  2. Select Console Storage Games and Apps
  3. Select Items You Can Move from the tabs above the games list
  4. Select the games and/or apps you want to transfer to your external USB drive

How to Move Games from USB Extended Storage to PS5

  1. Go to your Game Library
  2. Select the games you want to move
  3. Press the Options button on your PS5 controller
  4. Select Copy to move the game to console storage

How to Download PS4 Games to USB Extended Storage

To differentiate between your PS4 and PS5 games, and to save time, you can select the checkbox that says Always Install PS4 Games to Extended Storage by navigating to Settings Storage Extended Storage.

PS4 users who already use an external drive can connect it directly to their PS5 to play games from the hard drive without having to download or move them.

How to Delete Data on USB Drive

To delete games stored on your USB extended drive you no longer play, or to make room for others, it’s a very quick and simple process.

  1. Go to Settings Storage
  2. Select USB Extended Storage > Games and Apps
  3. Navigate to the Delete Content tab
  4. Select the games or apps you want to remove and then press Delete

Now You Can Store PS5 Games on an External Drive

After various updates and new features, PS5 game consoles are becoming more and more popular.

To benefit from the latest update, be sure to update your PS5 with the latest software version, because all updates are free.

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