An excellent gaming headset, suitable for almost all gamers, but most suitable for PC users.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review: An Excellent All-Round Gaming Headset
HyperX Cloud Alpha S headset is an excellent gaming headset, suitable for almost all gamers, but most suitable for PC users.

HyperX has long been associated with excellent gaming hardware, providing excellent gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, etc.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S is an update to HyperX classic. The original HyperX Cloud Alpha adds a custom virtual 7.1 surround sound, a bass adjustment slider built into the headset, and a convenient USB audio control switch on the headset.

So how about HyperX Cloud Alpha S? How does Cloud Alpha S sound? Is HyperX Cloud Alpha S worth the money?

HyperX Cloud Alpha S: Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound for Gaming

HyperX Cloud Alpha S is primarily a gaming headset. But like most of the best gaming headsets, you will find the Cloud Alpha S well suited for other forms of entertainment, especially music and movies.

This headset uses a custom 50mm neodymium driver with a closed design. When you put on the headset, although it does not include active noise reduction, the large ear muffs will surround your ears, allowing you to immerse yourself in the experience in front of you.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review: An Excellent All-Round Gaming Headset

One of the biggest upgrades from the original Cloud Alpha to the Cloud Alpha S is virtual 7.1 surround sound. HyperX has tuned the headset and virtual surround sound to provide superior performance in games that support surround sound setups.

Additionally, you can use the HyperX NGENUITY application to automatically detect and select optimized audio settings for supported games, and further fine-tune and integrate the Cloud Alpha S surround sound experience. The list of currently supported auto-optimized games does not is extensive and currently supports PUGB, Overwatch, CS: GO, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six Siege, and Apex Legends.

7.1 Virtual surround sound is good, and it may even be great in some places, but I wouldn’t say it’s great overall. The Cloud Alpha S virtual surround sound changes the overall audio output in two rather noticeable and eye-catching areas: the middle and the top. Check Latest price at Amazon.

In the game, this is not a problem. Jump into a high-action racing game like Dirt Rally 2.0, wow, those cars come alive. Driving Colin McRae’s iconic Subaru Impreza 555 through the Australian outback, you will hear every sound of the suspension, every stone on your tires, and every gravel rain that explodes when you skid and correct your steering.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review: An Excellent All-Round Gaming Headset

For games, such as first-person shooters, mid-to-high-end sound capture brings close shots to the virtual environment of HyperX Alpha Cloud in life, which is completely usable. When you change FPS games like Apex Legends or CS virtual surround sound: GO, you become more in line with your game environment, you can hear footsteps and shoot clearer, and track maps or regions with better accuracy Game sports.

Gunshots themselves are also very loud. The overall sound field takes into account the virtual surround sound setting how players want their game sound effects. When changing Cloud Alpha to listen to music, the I2S audio settings create a somewhat negative change, and they work fine in the game.

In this regard, what you have to consider is that the cloud computing HyperX Alpha gaming headset is the best choice for immersive gaming.

is an audio feature. Although playing games (or listening to music), what you can consider is the frequency response of the headset. Most headphones designed for music range from 20Hz to 20,000Hz (approximately covering the range of audible sounds), while the frequency response of Cloud Alpha S covers 13Hz27,000Hz. The extended frequency response range allows Cloud Alpha ■ to faithfully reproduce sounds in a wider audio range, which may increase your overall gaming experience.

Is HyperX NGENUITY Worth Using?

This review will not delve into the HyperX desktop application NGENUITY, but it is worth mentioning briefly its self-optimized virtual surround sound options. When testing the automatic optimization feature in Apex Legends, there was no significant change between manually activating the Cloud Alpha S virtual surround sound.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review: An Excellent All-Round Gaming Headset

If you have other HyperX gaming products, this app is a convenient portal for managing volume, color scheme, and more. of RGB products, but not required for Cloud Alpha S gaming headsets.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Compatibility

You will see that Cloud Alpha S is compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but you may need to update the USB connector firmware and the headset to get proper compatibility. Cloud Alpha S can also work perfectly with your PC. Check Latest price at Amazon.

The Cloud Alpha S Headset Is Good for Music

As mentioned above, Cloud Alpha S headphones can handle music well without activating virtual surround sound settings. Since the headset is tuned for the gaming environment, it is not world class in terms of audio quality.

With that said, I am very pleased with the way it handles the regular music matrix that I use to keep the headphones on track. Even if they are tuned for gaming, these are still custom 50mm drivers, and the HyperX hardware is known for its quality.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review: An Excellent All-Round Gaming Headset

Interestingly, Cloud Alpha S comes with a bass adjustment switch on the ear cups, which you can find on the bottom of each earbud. The little switch has three adjustable positions, each position will change the bass output. When you fully open the switch, the bass output increases significantly, compared to when the switch is fully closed, the bass output increases.

This is a good way to adjust the bass level on the audio output on the fly, if it’s a bit fancy. Still, opening the bass vents all the time can provide the best overall sound quality in games and music, so it’s worth trying to find the level you like. However, on the other hand, opening the small vent will increase the external sound into the headset. Not in piles, but the seal formed by the earpiece in your ear suddenly does not provide adequate isolation.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review: An Excellent All-Round Gaming Headset

You can also choose to use the included HyperX USB adapter. On the adapter, there are volume buttons, microphone mute options, 7.1 virtual surround sound buttons, and game chat balance buttons.

Is the HyperX Cloud Alpha S Comfortable?

Cloud Alpha S can guarantee one thing is comfort. HyperX has created an extremely comfortable gaming headset with breathable leatherette ear cushions that you can wear for hours.

The aluminum frame also feels very sturdy and can easily adapt to the size of my head without excessive pressure, which means that even during warm weather, the terrible and burning sensation of hearing fatigue will not occupy my heart .

In addition, the overall build quality of Cloud Alpha S is very good. HyperX gaming headsets do not have a reputation for being easily broken, and these headsets are no exception. The manufacturing of key points, such as the connection between the headset and the frame, is sturdy and the headset is not heavy.

Cloud Alpha S The official specification of the headset without a microphone weighs 310g, but honestly, when you wear them and concentrate on gaming or work, they feel lighter. Check Latest price at Amazon.

Another advantage is the connection cable. The USB and 3.5mm jack cables are covered with a strong braided material, which protects the cabling and lasts for several years.

Should You Buy the HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset?

For many years my daily headphone driver has been the original HyperX Cloud headset, which is a great headset that still provides great audio. Using HyperX Cloud Alpha S has a similar feel.

HyperX knows what great gaming hardware is, and the Cloud Alpha S is a great gaming headset, especially for PC gamers. Console support is more limited, but PlayStation users shouldn’t discount these well-balanced, comfortable gaming headsets.

Cloud Alpha S is also a neat-looking gaming headset. The Blackout version is a dark, moody gaming headset that provides high-quality audio through stylish RGB decorations and other whimsical and eye-catching aesthetics. You wear it, accessories and games, no nonsense.

In the game (and movie) environment, Cloud Alpha S virtual 7.1 surround sound is vivid, bringing every shot closer, adding charm to every explosion, and allowing you to participate in the game more deeply. As far as music is concerned, the audio output varies more, but virtual surround sound is not designed for that output. In this regard, if you respect the design decision and turn it off when you start playing your favorite track, Cloud Alpha S can handle music well, which is excellent in some cases.

Another consideration is the price increase from HyperX Cloud Alpha to Cloud Alpha S. The inclusion of virtual 7.1 surround sound and an inline USB audio driver brings the price of Cloud Alpha S  to $130. Although this sounds expensive, in the context of the general gaming headset market, this makes Cloud Alpha S a good choice for gaming headsets.

is obviously not a cheap choice, but knowing the build quality and reputation of HyperX, it is worth spending on gaming headsets that are not easy to break. If you don’t mind 7.1 virtual surround sound, you can choose the original and slightly cheaper HyperX Cloud Alpha, especially if you want to provide broader support for Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and all other devices.

Either way, you will not be disappointed.

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