The Soundboks 3  ( Check Latest price at Amazon. ) high-performance portable speaker is hands down the best speaker I’ve ever used. period. Because it is a performance speaker, it is very suitable for parties and the volume is sufficient for the liveliest parties.

The current retail price of is $ 999. For Bluetooth speakers, some people may find it a bit too high. However, this is not a Bluetooth speaker. The device has been tested for several months and has been really tested. If you are looking for something that looks and sounds professional, I strongly recommend that you invest in one.

Do you want to know more about this portable pump party box? All right…

A Spectacular Sight

Soundboks 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review: A Powerful Portable Party-Starter

Regarding the appearance of Soundboks 3, the first thing you will notice is its size. For Bluetooth speakers, it is indeed a giant, measuring 25.6 x 17 x 13 inches and weighing 34 pounds.

Our evaluation unit uses an all-black cabinet, including a removable grille on the front of the device. You can replace the front Soundboks brand grille, you can choose a variety of colors and limited edition variants. If I had to choose, I would choose a pure orange grill or one of the cool Artist Editions grills with some beautiful graphics by respected illustrators and muralists.

Remove the grille and you will see the speaker assembly on the front of the cabinet. This includes two 10-inch 96 dB woofers and a 1-inch tweeter with a 104 dB compression driver. This can give you an idea of ​​how loud the Soundboks 3 is.

All eight corners have silicone ball protectors, so the speaker can be hit once or twice without breaking a sweat. The Soundboks 3 have powder coated steel handles on both sides, which are part of the pulse reflection port. It runs horizontally through the speaker cabinet from side to side.

Soundboks 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review: A Powerful Portable Party-Starter

On the left side of the cabinet, above the Pulse Reflex port, are the battery case (where the Batteryboks are placed) and the DC input that is used to connect to the power supply (more on this later).

The right side of the enclosure has a user interface panel, which includes a power button, a TeamUp button (again, we’ll talk about this soon), and a Bluetooth LED indicator.

Batteryboks itself is easy to explain. It is a brick-shaped black plastic box that can hold juice and is easy to transport. It has a fabric strap that can be removed from the Soundboks battery port, a battery level indicator, and a rubber button for checking battery status. Batteryboks is connected to the DC power input on Soundboks via its power cord.

On the back of the Soundboks, you have the Soundboks team ID panel (it will tell you the Soundboks number and identify it for customer service purposes). Below is the Pro Panel, in addition to playing streaming music via Bluetooth, you can also extend the functions of Soundboks on it. The Pro panel contains an SKAA link button (SKAA will be described in detail later), two 3.5mm stereo inputs, and a combination microphone and instrument input (XLR, 1/4-inch).

That’s it. This is what the device looks like … but we haven’t even started studying the sound.

A More Spectacular Sound

Soundboks 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review: A Powerful Portable Party-Starter

I want to repeat it here, saying that the Soundboks 3 is by far the best speaker I’ve ever used in my life. period. I repeat myself because I really want to take home how awesome this speaker is. Not only is it bulky (it has to be to accommodate the huge bass driver and tweeter cone), but the sound you get from this beast is very loud.

I tested Soundboks in a variety of conditions, and each case has its own characteristics, drowning out any other sounds around it. This is not surprising, because the speakers can reach the advertised 96 dB for the woofer and 104 dB for the tweeter. I wanted to see how loud it was. It was really loud. I thought I ruined the Soundboks within 20 minutes after opening the package. Fortunately, this is a safe cutoff.

I measured the sound level of Soundboks 3 and found that it reached 114 dB, not maximizing the sound (preventing me from the safety cut-off panic again). For context, this is 4 decibels lower than the noise level of the aircraft. I was really surprised that my window did not burst.

Generally speaking, the sound quality of Soundboks is excellent, giving the impression of a professional performance speaker. Using it for DJ and just listening to music, I can confirm that its performance certificate is worth it.

The bass is round and full, and every beat is full of vitality. The midrange is uninterrupted in the middle of the bass and treble, and the instrument and vocals are presented with excellent clarity. There is no wheezing at high frequencies, so a track with a lot of high and low frequency moments will not shake your eardrums due to sudden ear piercing.

As mentioned above, I have tested Soundboks 3 in various situations, as described below.


Soundboks 3 is an excellent indoor speaker. Why? Because it can fill the room with sound without breaking a sweat. Seriously, I can turn the volume up to 25% and still listen to the classic 2001 Progressive mix of Futureshock, Dark and Long, with heavy bass in the kitchen downstairs. And my house is quite big.

I also use Soundboks 3 indoors as a party speaker, ensuring the party is loud enough, everyone is dancing, they can’t hear themselves thinking, they don’t mind talking to each other (please pay attention to the DJ). Not only that, despite the high volume, the sound in the room will never be cloudy or distorted. It fills the room, but it works well, despite its emphasis on bass and overall powerful sound.


Take it outside, Soundboks 3 is really outstanding. Do you want an instant mini festival? Open Soundboks 3 and voila, you have one. In fact, this is what I did. The closure policy means that there can only be five guests in my garden, which is good because my makeshift dance tent can only accommodate so many people.

But I ran my own little festival in my garden with five people in attendance, my goodness, if Soundboks 3 has reached its performance test. There may be 5,000 people there, and this is the atmosphere that Soundboks helped create.

This is true, because Soundboks speakers can be connected via Bluetooth with TeamUP. This way you can combine sounds from multiple speakers and power the festival itself (I think so; magic forest).

The music begins with a soft, disco and homey daytime atmosphere. My portfolio includes tracks such as Terr’s “Dedication Story” and Flamingo Pier’s “Finding Your Way Home”. They are all vocal tracks, and the midrange remains strong in this element I set; no external sound sources like cars or passersby disrupt this moment.

Later, the music became a bit more lively. The bass line included DJ Q’s Back to Basics and DJ Zinc’s Let’s Get Together. It can be said that no one stops moving, and the bass is heavy. Every time a killer bass line comes from the front of Soundboks, everyone makes a pig face.

We ended with some hard and sour techniques. Acid tech has plenty of high end, and the Soundboks 3’s tweeter is perfectly positioned on the kick drum. Until 3am, when I realized that everyone within a 6 mile radius would call the police and file a noise complaint, the sound remained perfectly balanced (so we moved the party indoors).

So when used with Soundboks 3, outdoor performance is perfect. Pair it with my laptop and a small Pioneer DDJ200 controller, and I have a truly portable setup with enough power in the speaker battery to throw a 40 hour party, which I want. I also found that I can connect speakers to the speakers of my Pioneer DM40 DJ monitor and direct the sound a bit more (use one as a DJ monitor).

Soundboks 3 Even listening to music outdoors is a wonderful experience. Obviously the day after the party is for chilling out, so we chill out in the sunny garden Soundboks 3 faithfully emits a deep reggae dubbing resonance, deep bass that makes the ground we sit on vibrate, which is the most therapeutic effect from. Speaking of which …

Playing Non-Music Audio

I’ll only introduce this part briefly, but I want to mention the Soundboks 3 non-music apps.

Due to its booming bass and high volume output, I tried the Soundboks 3 to play some binaural beats and isochronous tones. I can confirm that the results surprised me a bit. In your own room, the universal frequency (432 Hz) literally bathes you like a gong bath, you will find that Soundboks 3 is perfect for meditation (if you like that kind of thing, I like it, so there it is).

I did this several times and found that I was really immersed in this moment. When the Soundboks 3 flooded the external audio source, it was easier for me to collect my thoughts. I can also feel the frequency vibrating in my bed, so in me, it is calm and relaxing, because it may have the same effect on my vagus nerve.

Works Like a Big, Powerful Charm

So does Soundboks 3 meet your numerous requirements? In a word, yes. I won’t live without it, whether it’s working in my office, streaming music, hosting a six-person garden spree or a six-person kitchen spree. It works perfectly in almost all situations.

The only exception is very wet conditions, such as rain. Although all internal components have an airtight seal with an IP65 rating, I will not allow the Soundboks 3 to be affected by Mother Nature’s continued rains. However, it does not matter if the rain carries it outside, it must quickly bring it back indoors.

A battery life of 40 hours is certainly true. After a single charge, my device can be used for 40 hours; Enough to power a very noisy 12-hour party, and then blasting the music on Sunday the next day, and the remaining half of the battery keeps me going through Wednesday. Not only that, you can also use the included split power cord to charge the battery and power the speakers at the same time.

Bluetooth is equally impressive in terms of range. Any sound streamed over Bluetooth won’t be interrupted, at least not in my experience, which is great when you actually enter a music session.

As mentioned above, the speaker array is excellent and can deliver perfect sound. The Soundboks 3 tweeter can disperse sound very well, thanks to its horn-shaped cone. Pulse Reflex Port passively amplifies the bass, bringing a real boost to those rich undertones, which is especially important for showcasing your outdoor holiday atmosphere.

Soundboks has a smart boost converter that can minimize clipping and help speakers avoid compression. It does this by increasing the voltage from 12.8 to 24 volts. Therefore, when Soundboks 3 needs more power than the battery can provide to provide excellent sound, the converter will step in and provide additional power.

The loudspeaker is easy to carry, but it is difficult to carry it for long distances alone with the handle alone. However, you can use the aforementioned backpack to overcome this problem (which means you can play music while you take it with you) or let someone else help you. It does fit in the trunk of a car though, if you want to take it out into the woods and you know, attend an unscheduled party …

One feature I couldn’t test (but sounds great) is SKAA linkage. The SKAA device acts as a wireless bridge between the device that transmits sound and the device to which it transmits. So with SKAA devices, you can connect any audio source to Soundboks without pairing them, as long as you connect the SKAA transmitter to the audio source and the receiver is SKAA compliant (Soundboks 3 compatible). Unfortunately I don’t have one of these SKAA transmitters so I can’t see how effective it is.

You can also use the Soundboks app. This is great because it provides a customizable EQ, mode selection (for example, to switch to instrument mode to play guitar), and Soundboks controls. You can also use the app to control the SKAA link, as described above.

Would I Recommend The Soundboks 3?

Do you have $ 999 in free money? If so ( Check Latest price at Amazon. ), and you’re looking for the ultimate performance party speaker, then I wholeheartedly recommend Soundboks 3. He’s a really good speaker, and to be honest, it’s really hard for me to blame him.

is not waterproof which is a slight inconvenience, but I admit this will drive the price up even more. I also realize that the cost of this speaker will exceed many people’s wallets. However, considering the happiness it can bring, I feel that over the course of several meetings, Soundboks 3 will recoup the cost by providing a good time. You can’t pay to feed your soul, this is what friends, music, laughter and dancing do.

Soundboks 3 ( Check Latest price at Amazon. ) does this, because it is a balanced and powerful speaker that strives to maintain the party atmosphere wherever you go.

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