Nintendo Switch is an excellent game console that stands out from Xbox and PlayStation. This is due to its unique design, which enables portable and sofa-style games. As you would expect from Nintendo, the console also has many excellent exclusive games.Although the Switch is equipped with a pair of Joy-Cons, you can actually buy many different controllers. The type of controller that is best for you depends on the type of game you play, your preferred input method, and whether you miss the past.We have compiled the best Nintendo Switch controllers currently available.

1. Nintendo Purple and Orange Joy-Con

The funky Nintendo Neon Purple/Orange Joy-Con are the perfect way to bring some color to your gaming, especially if you opted for the gray Switch console. Remember, you can use the Joy-Con independently in each hand, or pop them together on the Joy-Con grip.

If you like the look of these, you should also check out the Pink and Green Joy-Con and the Blue and Yellow Joy-Con. It’s great to see Nintendo selling such interesting colors of the Joy-Con controllers.

2. HORI D-Pad Controller (Pikachu)

The standard Joy-Con controllers are amazing, but the HORI D-Pad Controller (Pikachu) offers something a bit different. This brings a classic, full-sized directional pad to the Joy-Con. It’s something that many people think is missing from Nintendo’s official counterparts.

Note that this is only the left Joy-Con and is only suitable for the Switch’s handheld mode as it doesn’t contain motion sensing or rumble. Nevertheless, it’s awesome if you miss the D-pad. And it comes in a fun Pikachu design!

3. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is company’s offering of something more akin to the Xbox and PlayStation controllers. If you find the standard Joy-Cons too small or uncomfortable, the Pro Controller is more traditional while still providing the same functionality.

With semi-transparent casing, this is a stylish piece of kit that supports rumble, Amiibo, and wireless play for up to 40 hours on a single charge. The battery is internal, but the controller comes with a charging cable to ensure you never have to miss a moment of gaming.

4. PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

If you like the idea of Nintendo’s Pro Controller, but aren’t keen on the price tag, this PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller is for you. Save for the cool red and white design, you’d be hard-pressed to notice any difference in form. It’s even officially licensed by Nintendo.

The functionality is different, though; no rumble or Amiibo support, and AA batteries instead of an internal rechargeable one. If that isn’t an issue for you, but you still want the Pro experience, opt for this controller. The buttons are responsive, and it feels great to hold.

5. PowerA Wired Controller Plus

The PowerA Wired Controller Plus gives you all the style and function of a Pro Controller, except it’s wired. It’s a solid choice if you need to buy a few extra cheaper controllers for some local multiplayer.

It comes with a fun Mario-inspired design—there’s also the PowerA Wired Controller Plus (Zelda), too—and swappable joysticks. While the controller doesn’t come with rumble or motion controls, it’s perfectly fine for games that don’t require it.

6. PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller

If you have fond memories of playing Nintendo’s purple cube console, the PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller will blast you with nostalgia.

This is an officially licensed controller that has been updated for the Switch; it’s wireless and has all the necessary buttons. This controller is well suited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, especially if you’ve memorized the control schemes from previous games.

7. HORI Zelda GameCube Style Controller

The HORI Zelda GameCube Style Controller is another option based on Nintendo’s old console, but is slightly cheaper because it’s wired. That doesn’t make it any less of a great option, though.

It’s comfortable in the hand thanks to the textured grips and is great for competitive gaming due to the quick action triggers. Plus, perhaps best of all, it rocks a swanky black color scheme with a Zelda emblem.

8. 8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller

The SNES controller is an iconic design, and the 8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller brings it into the modern world. At a glance, this looks strikingly similar to the original SNES controller. Look closer, however, and you’ll see that 8Bitdo’s controller has all the necessary buttons and joysticks to be used on the Switch.

This is a fitting controller to use if you’re playing some classic Nintendo games on your Switch, which are available from the online store. That said, it can equally be used for any other game. It’s also wireless, supports rumble, and has motion controls. An excellent controller for the retro gamer.

9. 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad

If you want to combine retro and modern, check out the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad. It’s styled after the SNES controller, but the extended hand grips make it nicer to hold for extended periods of time.

Like the SF30, the SN30 is wireless, supports rumble, and has a motion sensor. As well as the Switch, it’s also compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android.

10. 8Bitdo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad

The 8Bitdo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad is a vibrant, retro-inspired gamepad that aims to offer portability without skimping on functionality. It has two directional pads, wireless connectivity, and also functions on platforms other than just the Switch.

The fact that this controller is so sleek—it has no joysticks prodding out, so it can slip into a pocket—and light makes it the great on-the-go choice.

The Best Nintendo Switch Controllers for You

At least one of these controllers is sure to suit your Switch play style. Now that you’ve got all the necessary gear, it’s time to get playing some games.

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