Xbox Unveils Console Night Mode

Honestly, staring at a bright screen for hours is not good for your eyes. It doesn’t matter if you may feel eyestrain, if your screen is bright it will.

Similarly, the device’s LED may be too bright. There are so many that you may need to remove these light sources from the room where you are going to sleep; the console and controller LEDs are a good example.

So the latest Xbox Insider Release Notes show that night mode is about to land on Xbox, which is good news. Starting today, it will be available to Xbox Insider alpha testers, and Microsoft will release it for further testing before it hits everyone’s console.

What Is Xbox Night Mode?

Xbox Is Getting a Night Mode Which Lets You Dim the Lights

Essentially, Xbox Night Mode allows you to dim the LED lights on the Xbox console and controller. So now you can reduce the amount of light emitted by the power button. Similar to the controller, you can dim the home button and other lights on the device.

Not only that, it also allows you to dim the screen. Therefore, if your screen is too bright, you can reduce eye strain by reducing the brightness of the console.

You can even set the night mode. Therefore, if you want it to turn on at a certain time, that is, when you want to go to bed, set your console to dim all the lights, and you will be able to sleep even if your console is on. For example, this allows it to update automatically, because you don’t need to turn off the console to get rid of those bright LED lights.

Why Is Xbox Night Mode a Useful Feature?

If you have sensitive eyes and always look for dark mode in your favorite apps and websites, this is great for reducing your eye strain when you’re on Xbox.

Even if your Xbox is not in use, this is a good way to prevent bright LED lights from interfering with you in other ways, especially when you want to rest in a dark room. No one wants the bright green light to invade their dreams.

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However, it is also very useful in terms of power consumption. Especially with regard to battery-powered controllers. Turning the lights on at the lowest level means that the batteries cannot work properly to turn them on. So you should see an improvement in battery life.

Dim Those Xbox Lights!

Xbox Is Getting a Night Mode Which Lets You Dim the Lights

Now you can dim the lights on your Xbox, which is a good idea for the reasons mentioned above. If you want to protect your eyesight, the most important thing is to reduce eye strain when playing video games, and a little more juice on the controller is not a bad thing.

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